Commercial Atmospheric Water Generator 10000L


Commercial Use Atmospheric Water Generators: ideal for providing daily water for crops and animals.  Use for filling a dam or water storage system on an agricultural farm, ideal for cattle and crops during droughts. Information available upon request.

  • 10000 Liters per day
  • @30º and 80% humidity
  • Normal Temperature Water
  • 15 Year Warranty



Production capacity: 10000L/Day

Input power: 230KW

Power: 380-220V/50Hz

Wind volume: 154,000 ㎡/h

Refrigerant: R407C, Volume 92KG

Normal condition: 25℃ / RH 80%

Original water tank: 40L * 2

Pure water tank: 1000L * 4

Filter system: UDF+PP+CTO

water drops from heaven