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While you are sitting comfortably in your desk chair reading this CSR Opportunity article, envision that over 18 million Indonesians have no access to safe, clean drinking water, – that a quarter of all children under 5 suffer from diarrhoea being the leading cause of child mortality, – that young children and babies are hospitalised daily because of water-borne diseases, – and that current water resources are becoming scarcer as the clock is ticking…

With our CSR Opportunity incentive, PT. Indonesia Water Micron World has the perfect products to boost your company’s CSR programme if you are looking to help communities and the environment with our New Water Source technology.

We visualise Villages in drought-stricken areas to have a permanent water source providing an endless pure drinking water supply to its people. Our commercial Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG’s) can supply all the water required for the people as well as for agricultural needs. AWG’s can be powered by PLN, Generators, Solar, or a Hybrid System to ensure a 24 / 7 operation.

Imagine the enrichment given to the local communities and Koperasi. People will have more time to be productive with their businesses, yield improved crops, reduced medical expenditures, healthier livestock, etc.

A robust CSR designed, planned, and implemented with the aim to ensure everybody’s welfare, is a definite key to success. It becomes a win-win formula for the business, employees, stakeholders, communities, and society at large.