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Why Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG's)?

Cracked dry land

Why are we talking about Atmospheric Water Generators?

  • Our Indonesia Water Micron World founder was emptying out his dehumidifier one day when he was struck with the sudden thought that parts of the world are suffering from chronic water shortages while many are also spending a fortune buying bottled drinking water in plastic bottles?
  • What if he could filter and use this freely available water from the air rather than wasting it?
  • Turns out he was not alone. And the solutions were already in use in many other parts of the world
  • Thus was born Indonesia Water Micron World – dedicated to making a difference by providing better water that’s better for the planet by sourcing the best AWG’s available. A New Water Source.

Why Atmospheric Water Generators?

  • Best possible water for health – better than bottled or municipal supply
  • Better for the environment – eliminating plastic bottles, reducing transportation and production carbon footprint
  • Cheaper than bottled water per litre – pays for itself over time
  • Water security – for short term events and long-term independence
  • Supports off the grid lifestyles – if combined with a generator or solar including caravan traveling as well as remote homes and villages
  • Convenient as your tap – simply “plug and play” with no heavy bottles to lift

“The water produced by AWG’s is not subject to
phthalate contamination (chemical compounds),
and they are able to remove cryptosporidium
parasites from drinking water, a feat that neither
municipal water treatment plants nor bottled water
companies have yet managed”

AWG pH levels

Better For You

  • pH 7.1-7.8
  • Best for for human health
  • NO chemicals
  • Up to 7 stage filtration including UV light
  • Superior to bottled water: plastic leaching from exposure to heat produces known carcinogens
  • Free from Micro-plastics found in every bottled water brand


Better For The Planet

  • Did you know it requires up to six times the volume of water to create a plastic bottle than it does to fill it?
  • That 17 million barrels of oil are used to make plastic bottles every year
  • That transporting a half litre bottle of water uses the equivalent of a lightbulb being left on for 14 hours?
  • That 3 BILLION bottles are carelessly discarded every year?
  • That discarded plastic bottles are leaching toxic chemicals into the surrounding environment polluting ground, river and lake water used to fill more plastic drinking water bottles for consumers.
Bottled Water

Better For Your Pocket

Savings Gallon vs AWG per Litre over the 5 year Warranty period.

  • 1 Gallon = IDR 25,000
    • IDR 25,000 / 19L = IDR 1,316 per Litre
  • 30L per day AWG water.
    • AWG unit cost per Litre = IDR 571
    • Electricity cost per Litre = IDR 109 *
    • Total AWG per Litre cost = IDR 680
  • Savings per Litre 1,316 – 680 = IDR 636
  • Savings per year = IDR 6,964,200

* Based on a 28 day test.

**Based on consumption of 30L per day AWG water.

Water Security

  • Half of Indonesia’s GDP is produced in river basins that suffer “high” or “severe” water stress in the dry season, with water stress an increasing concern for many islands, especially the high-density island of Java. Meanwhile, more than half of Indonesia’s rivers are heavily polluted.
  • Projections are that just under half the world population will be facing water insecurity by as early as 2030…
Off Grid AWG

Supports "Off Grid" Lifestyles

  • Whether you are on the road or just off the grid you will never have to worry about safe clean water
  • Combine with solar power generation for ultimate self sufficiency





Quick setup…

Simple operation…

Minimal maintenance…

  • Unpack and plug in – no plumbing or other connections required
  • Periodically replace filters (18 -24 months)
  • Five-year service and warranty agreements available for purchase
AWG Counter Unit