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Terms & Conditions

  • SCOPE OF SUPPLY: PT Indonesia Water Micron World will ONLY order products from manufacturer upon receipt of down payment from customer. The manufacturer will inform PT Indonesia Water Micron World on estimate delivery date to nearest port. PT Indonesia Water Micron World will inform customer that the products are ready for collection or delivery at port of destination after custom clearance. Products can be collected or delivered AFTER customer has paid the outstanding balance into PT Indonesia Water Micron World BCA account. Only products detailed in the invoice are being offered. No assumption should be made that anything not specifically listed or defined is included.
  • PRICE: The price quoted is for all items purchased at one time. Orders where the delivery is delayed at the customer’s request, or partial orders, may be subject to a price increase. Pricing for equipment excludes related services for installation, testing, or other services.
  • TAXES: Price quoted include applicable taxes.
  • PAYMENT: Non-refundable down payment after receipt of Invoice. Outstanding balance to be paid into PT Indonesia Water Micron World BCA account BEFORE product collection or delivery.
  • POINT OF DELIVERY: Nearest port of destination.
  • EXPORT COMPLIANCE: Purchaser agrees that it will NOT export or re-export the goods to any destination outside Indonesia.
  • CANCELLATION: No cancellation charges.
  • RISK: Risk in the goods shall pass to the customer on point of delivery or collection. All title of goods remains with PT Indonesia Water Micron World until payment in full is received.
  • CLAIMS: Claims for damages to, or shortages of products must be made within fourteen (14) days of receipt of products. Seller shall not be responsible for any damage to or shortage of products occurring after a 14 day claim period.